Titre Actions BPM Key Date

right where you left me (Extended Mix)

138 6B

willow (Instrumental)

84 9B

willow (DIY Acapella)

84 9B

coney island (Original Mix)

108 4B

no body, no crime (Extended Mix)

158 5A

evermore (Original Mix)

100 2B

willow (Extended Mix)

84 9B

marjorie (Original Mix)

96 7B

long story short (Original Mix)

79 8B

ivy (Original Mix)

89 10B

gold rush (Extended Mix)

112 11B

closure (Original Mix)

152 11B

champagne problems (Extended Mix)

86 8B

Shake It Off (Stavros Martina & Kevin D Remix)

95 8A

The Last Great American Dynasty (Extended Mix)

148 9B

The 1 (Extended Mix)

140 8B

Exile (Extended Mix)

143 2B

cardigan (DIY Acapella)

130 5B

cardigan (Extended Mix)

130 5B

Cruel Summer (DIY Acapella)

85 11B

The Man (DIY Acapella)

144 8A

You Belong With Me (Extended Mix By Fuvi Clan)

130 2B

Only The Young (Intro Clean)

94 4A

ME! (RudeLies Remix)

126 8A

The Man (Dirty)

110 8B

You Need To Calm Down (DIY Acapella)

113 10B

You Need to Calm Down (Intro Clean)

85 10B

ME! (Intro Clean)

91 8A

Me! (DIY Acapella)

91 8A

Last Christmas (Clean)

116 7B

Delicate (Intro Clean)

95 7A

Delicate (Dark Intensity Remix)

120 8A

End Game (PeteDown Flavor Mix)
, ,

112 7A

Bad Blood (DJ Bravo Remix)

95 9A

Wildest Dreams (Audio Addicts & ZAV Remix)

140 5A

Ready For It (Booyah Riot Remix)

80 9A

Ready For It (BloodPop Remix)

80 9A

Ready For It (Kidcutup Trans 100 To 80)

100 9A

Taylor Swift Is A Big Shot (Jason Nevins Mashup)

80 8A

End Game (Intro Clean)
, ,

80 7A

Wildest Dreams (Cosmic Dawn Remix)

128 4B

Ready For It (Intro Clean)

80 9A

Look What You Made Me Do (Intro Clean)

128 8A

Gorgeous (Jason Dee Redrum)

92 8A

Gorgeous (Intro Clean)

92 8B

I Knew You Were Trouble (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix)

130 2A

Blank Space (Jump Smokers Remix)

124 7A

Look What You Made Me Do (Pat C's 'Split' Bootleg)

128 8A

Look What You Made Me Do (Starjack Momentum Future House Edit)

128 8A

Ready For It (Cherry Beach Remix)

82 8A

Look What You Made Me Do (Alphalove Remix)

128 8A