jeudi 20 février 2020
Pop Rock Classic's
Actions Titre BPM Key

Lollipop (Extended Mix By Fuvi Clan)

96 3B

Torn (Extended Mix By Fuvi Clan)

96 7B

Another Brick In The Wall (Extended Mix By Fuvi Clan)

105 7A

The Conversation (Extended Mix By Fuvi Clan)

98 10A

Original Sin (Extended Mix By Fuvi Clan)

128 9A

I Was Made For Lovin You (Extended Mix By Fuvi Clan)

127 2A

In The Shadow (Extended Mix By Fuvi Clan)

106 11A

Walk Like An Egyptian (Extended Mix By Fuvi Clan)

103 10A/1B

I Get Around (Extended Mix By Fuvi Clan)

147 9B/8A

Le Brio (Extended Mix By Fuvi Clan)

140 11B
mercredi 19 février 2020
Pop & Mainstream Chart
Actions Titre BPM Key

No Shame (Intro Clean)

91 9B

You Can't Hold My Heart (Intro Clean)

134 8A

Bang! (Intro Clean)

140 12A

Delete Forever (Intro Dirty)

95 4B

Joke's On You (Intro Clean)

95 7A

Nice to Meet Ya (Intro Clean)

96 10A

Believe (Intro Clean)

87 3A

Know Your Worth (Intro Clean)

103 8A

Forever (Intro Clean)
, ,

140 12A
jeudi 13 février 2020
Actions Titre BPM Key

Trust (Intro Clean)

124 6A

What If I Told You That I Love You (Intro Clean)

170 9B

Sad Tonight (Intro Clean)

105 8B

Amnesia (Intro Clean)

100 8B

No Judgement (Intro Clean)

100 12A

Roses (Intro Dirty)

115 4A

Get Me (Intro Clean)

82 1B

Let's Be Friends (Intro Clean)

135 9A

The Road (Intro Clean)

135 5B

Physical (Intro Clean)

147 8A

Fever Dream (Intro Clean)

102 12B

Only The Young (Intro Clean)

94 4A

Calling On Me (Intro Clean)

100 6A

React (Intro Clean)

120 3A

Birthday (Intro Dirty)

152 1B

Sway With Me (Intro Clean)

131 2A

All Of My Love (Intro Dirty)

94 12A

Intentions (Intro Clean)

148 11B

Lento (Intro Dirty)
, ,

115 11A
jeudi 06 février 2020
Actions Titre BPM Key

Can't Take My Money (Intro Dirty)

110 12B

Live Like We're Dancing (Intro Clean)

120 10B