Titre Actions BPM Key Date

A Sky Full Of Hold Me Really Over (Charlii Drift Bootleg)
, ,

126 4A

Only For You vs. Adventure Of A Lifetime (Fuerte & SunJay Mashup)
, ,

128 8A

Orphans (Intro Clean)

108 11B

Orphans (Instrumental)

108 11B

Orphan (DIY Acapella)

108 11B

Viva La Clarity Out Of My Mind (Djs From Mars Bootleg)
, , ,

130 4B/1A

A Sky Full Of Stars (Tiesto vs Djs From Mars Bootleg)

128 2B/2A

Never Really Over Vs A Sky Full Of Stars (Djs From Mars Club Bootleg)

123 4A

A Sky Full Of Stars (Extended Mix)

125 2B

Viva La Vida

138 4B

A Sky Full Of Stars (Hardwell Remix)

128 2A

Clocks (Dj Dark & Mentol & Md Dj Remix)

125 10B


140 7B/6A

Wired vs. Viva La Vida (WeDamnz Mashup)
, , ,

128 4A


131 3A

Vida La Vida (Reezzer Remix) [Intro Clean]

122 4B

Adventure Of A Lifetime (Freejak Remix)

124 8A

Viva La Vida (Syzz x Rave Republic Remix)

128 4B