A question? a problem?

Look at the frequently asked questions!

Single or play download does not work?

A problem of downloading to the unit?

1- Check that your subscription is valid here.
2 – If it is in red it is that your subscription is invalid and that it must be renewed here
3 – If your subscription is in the download, make sure that it is possible to have a browser problem, check that it is up to date.
In this case, we advise you to change the browser.

If the problem persists after these checks do not hesitate to contact us by email at support@fuvi-clan.com, identify your username.

How to cancel my automatic subscription?

Buyer may terminate its subscription at least seven (7) days before the renewal date automatic from it.

To do this, he will have to send an e-mail to the following address: support@fuvi-clan.com.

The email must contain the following information:
• Purchaser IDs
• The reason for termination.

You can also use the ” My Account ” tab, the subscription cancellation form.

In case of non-respect of the cancellation period, the cancellation request will be taken into account for the
next month. No refund will be made as such.

How to register and have access to download links?

Click on Upgrade at the top right
Click on “Sign Up” by choosing your formule
Fill out the form, checking your email address (IMPORTANT)
Please note your LOGIN name and password (required to log in later)
Read the Terms and Conditions.
Make a payment.
Return to the site.
Your subscription is Active. Download links are available.
For any questions, write to: support@fuvi-clan.com or use the contact form.

How to change or recover my password?

For the problems concerning your password, thank you to consult this link.
It allows you to reset your password.
If you have not received, email, thank you before contacting us to check your ” Spam Box ” or Unwanted Message.
Otherwise send an e-mail to: support@fuvi-clan.com or use the contact form.
If you simply want to change your password just log in and use this link.

What payment methods are available? Is the payment secure?

The payment of the subscription is made, online, by credit card.
Payment by credit card on the Site www.fuvi-clan.com is completely secure. During the
payment by credit card by the Buyer, his bank details are encrypted (SSL standard), this
which means that they do not circulate in clear on the Internet network.
The FUVI-CLAN uses the bank website of the Crédit Agricole Company: https://www.e-transactions.fr/
as an online payment platform. Any information regarding the use of this service
is provided by the bank.

When I download the latest pack of the category, I'm not all the tracks?

This is normal, when you download the ZIP, we provide the last update of the current month for which you paid our services.
For questions of legitimacy with respect to our subscribed customers since our beginning, we can not offer you the access to all the pieces on a simple action of a click. On the other hand you can download the songs from the previous months.

How to contact us?

If you have any questions or problems, please contact customer service:

• By mail: support@fuvi-clan.com
• By post: SAS FUTURE VISION, path of Campels – locality Le Prat – 09100 ESCOSSE
• By telephone: 07 59 86 20 67
• On our Facebook page: Fuvi Clan

We hope you enjoy Fuvi Clan!